This paper demonstrates that mental health services need to be prepared to respond to potential increases in demand as a result of climate change.  

The Occasional Paper, published in 2015 by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, demonstrates that a sustainable approach to healthcare can provide an answer to some of the current challenges in mental health, as well as the possible increases in demand following extreme weather events, such as flooding.

The paper argues that sustainable mental healthcare is not a utopian vision. It is directly linked to existing core principles, such as quality of care, patient safety, patient and staff experience, population well-being, risk management, organisational reputation, cost savings and community benefit.

The paper has four aims:

  • introduce the concept of sustainable mental healthcare
  • inspire psychiatrists to consider the sustainability of their clinical practice
  • enable psychiatrists to improve the sustainability of their clinical practice, their team and their organisation
  • improve education and training in sustainability across the healthcare workforce.

Read the Occasional Paper here.