After managing to secure a pass into the blue zone with thanks to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Chair of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, Richard Smith, joined COP26 in Glasgow for a number of days to join many from the health community with a strong ambition to move health up the agenda of the COP programme. Richard kept a diary of his experience, which was published over the course of the week on BMJ.

The COP26 diary can be accessed via the links below.

Friday 5 November: Thoughts on travelling to COP and day 1 in the blue zone

From pondering life and death (actually, just death) on the train to Glasgow to lateral flow tests and a die-in, Richard writes about the thoughts going through his mind on the train journey to Glasgow, navigating the blue zone, and the activities going on there.

Saturday 6 November: The health clans together

Highlights from the climate change and health conference at GCU

Sunday 7 November: A moment among the business people

Fringe events, chance meetings, art galleries and … climate change, everywhere

Monday 8 November: At last, a dinner

Trying to deliver a letter to Alok Sharma to listening and influencing over dinner

Tuesday 9 November: Health at last gets its big day (well hour)

Delivery of the healthy climate prescription letter and a long journey ahead