The ULEZ won’t cost the Earth

11th April 2019|

Cleaning up London’s air by the implementing the ULEZ will slow down man-made global warming and all the negative effects this has on the health, well-being and future of [...]

Eating for the planet… and for ourselves

18th January 2019|

The recently published EAT-Lancet commission report is the latest evidence of the relationship between our diets, our health, and the health of the planet. While there’s plenty of debate about [...]

The paradox of plastic in healthcare

17th December 2018|

Never has the need to reduce the use of plastics been more apparent and more pervasive. As world leaders, scientists and environmentalists convene to discuss climate change, media and [...]

Greener Hospitals, Healthier Communities

19th November 2018|

Putting environmental sustainability at the heart of NHS strategy The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change’s latest paper, Greener Hospitals, Healthier Communities makes the case for NHS strategy putting environmental sustainability [...]